SOVIET RUSSIA TODAY November 1942 USSR Propaganda in America

Copyright 1942
8.75x11.75 inches

  • Editorial
  • Congress of American-Soviet Friendship
  • The USSR Stands Invincible
  • A Quarter Century of Progress
  • American-Soviet Friendship: Key to Victory
  • One of the Two Hundred Million
  • Chicago's Negro Citizens Greet Pavlichenko
  • Recent Progress of Soviet Science
  • War Medicine in the Red Army
  • American Salutes Her Soviet Ally
  • The Test By Arms
  • American Workers in Russia
  • The New Soviet Man: Homo Sovieticus
  • Soviet Economy, The First 25 Years

This issue is in very good condition. All pages appear to be intact, without tears. A small piece of the bottom right corner is missing from about the first half of the magazine. There is a vertical crease down the center of the issue, indicating that it was folded in half at some point. See scans for more details.
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