SHIPPING WONDERS OF THE WORLD #41 - South Africa's Blue Riband Liner

36 pages
Copyright 1936
8.5 x 11 inches

  • Man's Conquest of the Depths -- Frank D. Lang
  • Marine Engines and their Story -- F. E. Dean
  • Thames
  • The World's Largest Ships
  • R. M. M. V.
  • Fifty Years in Sail -- Capt. J. W. Holmes

This issue is in good condition. All pages appear to be intact, without rips. Some corners show creases. There is some wear on the covers (see scans) and along the spine, though there is no separation. There are a few rust stains on the back cover that have bled through to the last two pages, though the stains do not interfere with the readability of those pages.
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