Vintage MALE Adventure Pulp March 1953 25 Features

Published by Male Publishing Corp.
98 pages
Copyright 1953

  • Find My Tanks! by Tech. Sgt. Arthur G. Farrington, USMC
  • We Blew into Shangri-La by Lt. Randolph Eskew
  • Bullets at 15 Yards by Earl G. Handley
  • The Broken Bodies of Broken Place by Jorge Fernandez
  • Bite Open the Jugular by Si Podolin
  • How We Plugged the Columbia by Emile C. Schurmacher
  • I Bucked a Blizzard by Stuart Mace
  • The Vice that was Peoria by Carl O. Triebel
  • He Dyed Her Hair In Blood by Robert J. Levin
  • My Greatest Sport Thrill by Sugar Ray Robinson
  • Isle of the Killer Boars by Bill Bryant
  • Relief Man: Use When Needed by Joe Page
  • In a Pig's Eye by Jeff Major, art by Charles Berger
  • The Last 200 yards by Land Kaderli, art by Mort Kunstler
  • The Flying Saucer Heads South
  • The Mountain That Spits Fire by Arthur L. Center
  • The Battle of the Wooden Horse by Oliver Philpot
  • Medicine for Males by Anthony Ridge

This issue is in very good condition. Small amount of wear on the covers (see scans). All pages intact and without tears. Some yellowing due to age.
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